Montag, 24. August 2009

And even more trailers!

More Trailers!


The end of the game

The aim is it to find every memory disk. Each floor hides one of it, in a total of 5 discs. The last floor should be the cellar, where Emilia finds an old childrens' dia projector toy. As soon as she puts the discs in, she will be abble to witness the murder again. A last fight against the true murderer will occur.


Follow Fred is an Adventure, so you CAN'T die. If an enemy attacks Emilia or something else sets her into danger she faints after a certain time because of her fear. After that she will wake up in her bed in the childrens' room again. Nothing has to be done twice because everything is autosaved.

The rooms

The secret room is hidden in the walls of the foor. It can be opened with a certain bulb. But it is dangerous inside because it was enclosed for a long time..

The parents' room. This is where the murderer happened. Emilia will find a lot of clues when she solves the riddle inside the closet of this room.

The library. Emilia can change certain things in the library by causing rain or falling sand with the hour glass.

The labyrinth is hidden in the closet of the parents' room. Emilia can not enter it before solving a riddle, because a monster is living there.

The children room, this is the place where the tutorial is explained and Emilia encounters her first enemy and riddles.

Sonntag, 23. August 2009

Gamescom Presentation

We presented our game at the Games Academy booth at the Games Com 2009 in Cologne!
Thank you to everybody who came by and gave us feedback on the project.